7585 Nebraska RD NW, Dundee, OH 44624

Contact: Chuck Riley
Phone: 330-678-6479
email: swampmasteroh@yahoo.com
Category: Wholesale
Season/Hours: By appointment only
Directions: Exit 81 on I77. Turn right on Schneider’s Crossing Road to State Route 516. Go west on State Route 516 to Nebraska Road. Turn left at the Yoewsa Resort. There is are signs to the farm.


Trees Available:        Size Range:          Cut Available:          B&B Available

  • Fraser Fir             6 feet up                6 feet up
  • Canaan Fir           6 feet up                6 feet up
  • Blue Spruce         6 foot-12 foot                                                4 feet up
  • Norway Spruce   6 foot-12 foot      6 foot-12 foot            7 foot-12 foot
  • Serbian Spruce                                                                             7 foot
  • White Spruce                                                                                7 foot
  • Greens or Culls  Assorted Sizes        Assorted Sizes         Assorted Sizes

Grower Service Available

  • Trees baled for shipment
  • Trees tagged prior to cutting for inspection
  • Grower cuts trees
  • Trees loaded on buyers truck
  • Alternate shipping arranged

We have a limited number of White Spruce and Serbian Spruce available.